5 Star Hajj Package | 22 Days and 23 Nights | Madina First: 5 Star Hotel, 9 Days & 8 Nights, Distance to Al-Masjid an-Nabawi: less than 0.10 Miles. Mecca : 5 Star Hotel, 6 Days & 6 Nights, Distance to Masjid Al-Haram: less than 0.10 Miles. Mina | Arafat | Muzdalifah: 5 Hajj Days.

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Occupancy: Double Bed

Visiting Places:

Jannatul MaulaJabale NoorMasjid e KahfArafat, Mina, MuzdalifahMasjid-e-eAyeshaGar-e-HiraGar-e-TurJannatul BaqiJable UhudMasjid e QubaMasjid-e-QiblatainGazwae Khandaq


Assalaamualaikum, If you are looking to stay in a luxurious hotel with a lot of accomodations for the trip, then the 5 Star Hajj Package will be right for you. With this customizable pacakge, you will be spending 22 days and 23 nights in the Holy Land. You will be able to have a life changing experience and embark on a Hajj Pilgrimage, inshallah. Trusted travel agents will work with you to customize this experience and make sure all your wants and needs are met.   


Day 1: Departure from US & State of ihram

Today is the day you will start your journey to the holy cities of Makkah and Madina. Before entering the miqat boundaries, make sure you are in a state of ihram.

Day 2: Arrive in Makkah and Complete Umrah

Now that you have arrived in Makkah, you will be able to complete an umrah. We hope this time is spiritual and blissful.

Day 3: Ibadah & Leisure Day

Take this day to be in a constant state of ibadah. The more prayers you offer, the better it will be for you. Relax and take some time to recover from the flight and umrah.

Day 4 to Day 6: Places you should see in Makkah

A variety of places can be seen in the holy city of Mecca which include Jannatual Maula, a cemetery where Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) wife, grandfather and other ancestors are buried. Jabale Noor, a cave where Prophet Mohammed spent a lot of time in mediatation etc. Also if you have time and energy you can do an Umrah again. Dont forget to visit the stores around the Grand Mosque to buy gifts for your loved ones.

Day 7: Off to Madina to do Ziyarat

Today you will be travelling to Madina to offer prayers for Prophet Mohammed SAWS and his family. The more you pray for them, the better it will be for you inshallah.

Day 8 - Day 11: Ibadah | Rest | Places you should see in Madina

Enter the by the door of Gabriel and recite the Manoon Dua while entering into the Masjid. If time permits, read two Rakats of Tahiyyatul Masjid and two Rakats of Salat Al Shukr in Riyadhul Jannah (Green Carpeted Area). Recite the Salaam in a moderate voice, after having said the salaam upon him (PBUH), request him for intercession on the Day of Qiyamah.

Day 12: Get in the state of Ihram

Before you can start the Hajj process, you must be in a state of ihram.

Day 13 - Day 18: 8 Zil Hijjah - 12 Zil Hijjah

Day 18: Rest of Tawaf

You can finish circling around the kaaba during this time and continue to offer prayers for yourself and your family.

Day 19: Tawaf e Wida or the Farwell tawaf

This is the obligatory tawaf that one must do after completing Hajj. A muslim bids farewell to the kabbah during this time.

Day 20: Shopping or Rest

Take this day to finish up your shopping for yourself and your family. Make sure you are well rested for your journey back home.

Day 21 Back to the airport

Alhamdulilah you have finished your long journey. We wish you a safe flight back home and hope that Allah SWT accepts all of your prayers.

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