Hajj Package with Parents | 18 Days & 17 Nights | Mecca First: 4 Star Hotel, 4 Days & 4 Nights, Distance to Masjid Al-Haram: less than 0.25 Miles. Madina: 4 Star Hotel, 3 Days & 4 Nights, Distance to Al-Masjid an-Nabawi: less than 0.25 Miles. Mina | Arafat | Muzdalifah: 5 Hajj Days. Destination close to Mecca or Madina: 4 days & 4 Nights.

Package Inclusions

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Occupancy: Quad (4 Bed)

Visiting Places:

Jannatul MaulaJabale NoorMasjid e KahfArafat, Mina, MuzdalifahMasjid-e-eAyeshaGar-e-HiraGar-e-TurJable UhudMasjid e QubaMasjid-e-QiblatainGazwae Khandaq


Assalaamualaikum, It is very important to make sure our parents are taken care of and are in the best care. If you are looking for a package that includes your parents, then this is the right package for you. This customizable package includes 18 days and 17 nights in the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina. Hajj Agents will work with you and your parents to make sure all your needs are met so you all can have a pious and blissful experience, insha'Allah.    


Day 1: Departure to Makkah | Ihram before Miqat

You will now begin your journey and be travelling to Makkah. We pray Allah SWT make this trip a life changing experience for you and your parents. Before entering the Miqat boundaries, you must be in a state of ihram.

Day 2: Arrive in Makkah and Complete Umrah

Now that you have safely arrived in Makkah, you will able to complete an umrah. We pray everything goes well with your umrah.

Day 3 to Day 4: Places you can see in Makkah

As you arrive in the Holy city of Mecca, you will be able to see the Kaaba and take in all its glory and entity. We hope this a fulfilling and life changing experience for you.

Day 5: Some Leisure | Off to Madina to do Ziyarat

Take some to recover from your time in Makkah. Today, you will be travelling to Madina and will be able to perform ziyarats.

Day 6 - Day 7: Ziyarat | Riyaz ul Jannah | Places you should see in Madina

You will now be able to complete a pilgrimage by visiting the sites that are associated with Prophet Mohammed and his family. You will be able to offer prayers and respect during this time.

Day 8: Shopping Needs | Get in the state of Ihram before Miqat from Madina

The beautiful city of Madina has many masjids and cemteries that can be visited and will enhance your experience here. We want you to be able to visit all the places you can during your stay in Madina. You must also enter into a state of ihram prior to starting Hajj

Day 9 - Day 13: 8 Zil Hijjah - 12 Zil Hijjah

Day 14: Rest

Its important to take a rest day during this long journey especially with your parents who may get tired easily. Make sure your health is in good condition before moving on with the rest of the journey.

Day 15 to 16: Ibadah | Leisure | Team Activity

Always be in a constant state of ibadah during this time. The more you pray and remember Allah SWT, the better it will be for you.

Day 17: Tawaf e Wida or the Farwell tawaf

This is the obligatory tawaf that one must do after completing Hajj. A muslim bids farewell to the kabbah during this time.

Day 18: Jeddah International Airport

On this day, take some time for yourself and go shopping and relax. We wish you a safe flight back home and hope this experience for you and your parents was life changing.

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Hajj Package with Parents | 18 Days & 17 Nights - $8790

First Time Hajj Package | 25 Days & 26 Nights - $9400

8 Day Hajj Package | 8 Days & 7 Nights - $6500