Super Saver Hajj Package | 18 Days & 18 Nights | Mecca First: 2 Star Hotel, 5 Days & 5 Nights, Distance to Masjid Al-Haram: less than 0.30 Miles. Madina 2 Star Hotel, 3 Days & 4 Nights, Distance to Al-Masjid an-Nabawi: less than 0.30 Miles. Mina | Arafat | Muzdalifah: 5 Hajj Days Destination close to Mecca or Madina: 3 days & 3 Nights

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Jannatul MaulaJabale NoorMasjid e KahfArafat, Mina, MuzdalifahMasjid-e-eAyeshaGar-e-HiraGar-e-TurJannatul BaqiJable UhudMasjid e QubaMasjid-e-QiblatainGazwae Khandaq


Assalaamualaikum, We are aware that Hajj can be very expensive and not everyone can afford to embark on this holy journey. With the Super Saver Hajj Package, you will be able to spend 18 days and 17 nights in the Holy Land where you will renew the promise of loyalty to Allah (s.w.t) and His Messanger (s.a.w) and complete the fifth pillar of Islam Hajj. A trusted travel agent will be in contact with you and will help customize this package so it satisfies your needs and wants. This package is a low cost Hajj package that will save you money and also satisfy the requirement of completing the Hajj as a Muslim, inshaAllah.


Day 1: Welcome to the Departure Airport | Transit: Entering Ihram

Hajj is a remarable journey and when one takes advantage of it, it is an opportunity to carry the individual through the steps of peity and deliver him/her to the sate of taqwa. The journey begins at the departure airport, Also as we land in Makkah first, Ihram is worn at the transit before Miqat.

Day 2: Arrival on Jeddah and Hotel Check-in

As you land in the holy city of Makkah, check in your hotel, relax for a quick while and head towards the Grand Mosque for Umrah completion.

Day 3: Complete Holy Umrah

Running between Safa and Marwah resembles the rush of a person in the presence of a great ruler, anxious to find out whether his wish has been granted or not, followed by drinking zam zam water and eventually complete all steps of Umrah

Day 4: Ibadah & Leisure Day

On this day, take some time to yourself and submerge yourself in ibadah for the sake of Allah SWT. Enjoy and relax with your family on this day.

Day 5 & Day 6 : Local Sightseeing in Makkah

Makkah has beautiful places to visit that will enhance your experience and will expand your knowledge in Islam. Take this day to do some local sight seeing at the famous masjids and cemeteries.

Day 8: Off to Madina | Ziyarat | Ibadah

On this day, you will be travelling to Madina where you can be in constant ibdadah and peform many ziyarats.

Day 9 & Day 10: Local Sightseeing in Madina | Relax | Miqat Point

During this time, you will be able to offer prayers for the Prophet and his family. There are many sites that can be visited which include the Graveyard of Uhud, Masjid Quba, Imam Ali (A.S.) House, Well of the Prophet Mohammed, and many more.

Day 11 - Day 15: 8 Zil Hijjah - 12 Zil Hijjah

Day 16: Tawaf e Wida or the Farwell tawaf

This is the obligatory tawaf that one must do after completing Hajj. A muslim bids farewell to the kabbah during this time.

Day 17 & Day 18: Shopping | Relax | Departure

On this day, take some time for yourself and go shopping and relax. We hope that this journey has fulfilled you and left you in a better spirtual state. We pray you have a safe flight back home.

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