O Allah there is no ailment nor vice that is not in me,

Heal me from every illness and grant me my needs,

Verily I have a heart that is sick,

And verily you are the Healer of the sick!!!

The bounties of Allah swt are already increased manifold during the holy month of Ramadan such that each virtue is rewarded 70 to 700 times more than its normal reward.

On the other hand, the act of umrah is also one that is associated with great blessing and rewards.

It is stated in a hadith e shareef that the Prophet sallAllahu alaihi wasallam said, “The warrior in the cause of Allah, the Pilgrim and the one who is performing Umrah are all the delegation of Allah swt. He called them and they responded and they will ask of His bestowals and He will give it to them.(Ibne Majah, Ibne Hibbaan)

Thus, when these two acts come together, one can fathom how lucky and blessed the individual is who gets a chance to perform Umrah in Ramadan.

In one Hadith, a woman heard that the Prophet of Allah swt (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam) was going for Hajj and had askedher husband to allow for her to go with the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam). Her husband said to her “I do not possess a conveyance with which I can carry you upon”. She said ‘take me upon such and such a camel of yours’. The husband said “that is held up in the path of Allah swt”. The man then went to the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam)and said “My  wife conveys her greetings to you and she has asked me to carry her on hajj with you”. I told her I do not have something to carry her upon. She then told me to carry her upon such and such camel of mine. I told her that it is kept in the path of Allah swt.

The prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam) told him, “If  you carried her upon it for Hajj, it will still be in the path of Allah”. She also told me to ask you (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam) what equals a Hajj with you oh Prophet of Allah (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam)? The Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam) replied “Convey my greetings to her and inform her that Umrah performed in the month of Ramadan is equal to Hajj performed with me” (Abu Dawood)

The holy month of Ramadan is one which needs to be safeguarded from even the slightest of transgressions. Moreover, we need to ensure we get the maximum benefits from the hugely multiplied rewards of this holy month that overflows with Allah swt’s benevolence. The scholars of the ummah have opined that the way a person spends his/her Ramadan will be the way the rest of his/her year is going to be!

Thus, it is a beautiful opportunity from Allah swt to perform Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan as it is one of the best ways to attain huge amounts of blessings and pleasure of Allah swt. What’s more, it is equal to Hajj performed with the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam)!!!

May Allah swt bless all of us with the opportunity to repeatedly visit His home of Ka’bah as well as perform the ziyarah of Madina with sincerity and eagerness through opportunities like the umrah of Ramadan…aameen