The Five Days of Hajj

Please note that it is fardh in Hajj Al-Tamattu to perform Umrah in conjunction with Hajj. More precisely, the rituals of Umrah are performed first and then the rituals of Hajj are followed. The below section details the process in a fairly sufficient manner.

Detail Process of Hajj

Assuming the state of Ihram for Hajj

Please make preparations to travel to Mina. You might have to start a day before (i.e. evening of 7th Dhul-Hijjah) and reach Mina on the early morning of 8th, due to the issue of the crowd. However, the schedule also depends on your Guide or Tour Operator.

Perform Ablution (Wudhu) or take bath (Ghusl).

Put on the two white sheets of the Ihram garments. For women, there is no specific garment or colour; ordinary cloak/abaya etc. is sufficient.

Perform two Rakats of Ihram (Sunnah). Recite Surah â??Kaafirunâ?? (Qul Yaa Ayyuhal Kaafiroon) in the first Rakat and Surah â??Ikhlasâ?? (Qul Huwallaahu Ahad) in the second Rakat..

Then remove the Prayer cap (Men should not cover their head in the state of Ihram).

Intention/Niyyah, which is an obligation, can be made at home or during the journey, but care must be taken to make the intention before crossing the boundaries of Miqat. (The details of the Miqat area have been discussed in the preceding section, 5).

Since the boundaries of Miqat are widespread, if you are taking a flight bound to Jeddah, you will cross the boundaries of Miqat whilst in the flight itself. Thus, if you are not careful to make intention in the flight before entering the Miqat, you will end up having to travel to the nearest Miqat point on landing in Jeddah and make the intention and start for Umrah from there. Thus, be very careful about making the intention before crossing the boundaries of Miqat, wherever you are making the journey from.

If you plan to land in Madina, then make the intention at Zul Hulaifah while going to Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

People making the intention from their homes do not have the concern of being vigilant of the Miqat points.

If you are already in Makkah Al-Mukarramah and intend to do Umrah, then go to the closest Miqat Point i.e. Tanâ??eem (Masjid Aisha) and adorn/assume Ihram.

Pilgrims coming from other directions should adorn/assume Ihram on their respective Miqat points.

Make Intention (Niyyah) of Hajj:

Transliteration: Allahumma Inni Ureedul Hajja Fayassirhu li Wataqabbal hu Minni "O Allah, I intend to perform Hajj for your pleasure; accept it from me and make it easy for me�.

Recite the complete Talbiyah (Labbaykduâ??a provided below) once audibly. Women should recite in a low voice.

"Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk...Labbayka La Shareekalaka Labbayk.. Innal Hamda Wannemata Lakawal Mulk....Laa Shareekalak�.

Dhul-Hijjah (Yawmut-Tarwiyah) - Day 1

  • After assuming Ihram, leave for Mina any time after Fajr Salah, or a night before, as discussed above. In any case, reach Mina by Noon of 8th Dhul-Hijjah.
  • Sa'ee for Hajj is permissible with Ihram of Hajj before 8 Dhul-Hijjah; especially for elderly, women and feeble people.
  • Perform 5 Salahs in Mina (Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha, Fajr of 9thDhul-Hijjah), the rest of the time should be spent profitably in Ibaadah.

Dhul-Hijjah (Yawmul-Arafah â?? Day of Arafah) - Day 2

  • Leave for Arafah after Fajr Salah and reach there by Noon.
  • Stay (Wuqoof) in Arafah from Noon (Zawal) till Sunset (Ghuroob). It is Fardh in Hajj to spend some time, even if it is for a few moments, in Arafah.
  • Asr prayer should be offered jointly with Zuhr Salah, only at Nimrah Mosque along with the Imamul-Hajj ; if you miss this prayer then perform each Salah at its normal time.
  • Do not leave Arafah before sunset. (Wajib).
  • Immediately after sunset leave for Muzdalifah without performing Magrib Salah. It is Wajib to do so.
  • Special Adhkaar of Arafah is as follows: 100 times Surah Ikhlaas; 100 times 4th Kalimah-Tauheed; 100 times Durood Ibrahim (add " waalayna- maâ??ahumâ? at end of the common durood e ibrahim); 100 times 3rdKalimah-Tamjeed; 100 times Istighfar.
  • Take bath for Wuqoof of Arafah.

Muzdalifah Night

  • After sunset, proceed to Muzdalifah. Maghrib Salah should not to be performed in Arafah but at Muzdalifah jointly with Isha Salah. It is Wajib to do so.
  • Maghrib and Isha prayers should be offered at Isha time only (both prayers with a single Azan and Iqamah). Moreover, Sunnats of Maghrib, Isha and Witr Salah should be prayed after Fardh of Isha. Takbeer-Tashreeq to be recited after Maghrib Fardh Salah.
  • Collect more than 70 chick-pea sized pebbles at Muzdalifah for Rami (Stoning Satan).
  • Stay overnight at take rest is also Sunnah. Dua for Huququl-Ibaad here: "Allahummaghfirlana-zunubana-watakaffal-bi-rida-khusuminaâ?
  • Perform Fajr early. Remain at Muzdalifah until sunrise (it is wajib to do so), stand facing the Qiblah and engage in excessive dua. Now proceed to Mina.

Dhul-Hijjah (Eidul-Adha: Youmun-Nahr) - Day 3

  • After performing Fajr Salah at Muzdalifah, the Pilgrims should proceed to Mina before sunrise (as discussed in the previous section of 9thDhul-Hijjah). On this day four important rites have to be performed in sequence (It is Wajib to do so).
  • Pelting stones (Rami) on Jamarat Al-Uqba (Big Satan) should be commenced between the time of Ishraq (Sunrise) and Zawal (Mid-day). It is also permissible to pelt stones right until Fajr of the next morning, especially for women, aged, feeble people and when crowds are huge. Stop reciting Talbiyah at the time of Rami. Exercise great caution at Jamarat for fear of stampedes. Recite Masnoon Dua for pelting "Bismillahi Allahu Akbar Raghma-llishshaitan wa-ridha-llir-Rahman Allahummajâ??alhu-Hajjan-Mabroora wa zambam-maghfoora wa saâ??yam-mashkooraâ?.
  • No Dua to be made after Rami on this day.
  • Sacrifice (Damm) of Animal (It is Wajib to do so) should be done. It is permissible to eat the meat of Damm animal.
  • Halq or Qasr (shaving head or cutting hair short â?? which is wajib) must be done to remove Ihram. If pilgrim opted to cut hair, then it should be cut equally on all sides of the head.

Tawaful Ziyarah (Tawaful-Ifadha)

  • Proceed to Makkah from Mina and complete Tawaf Al-Ziyaarah (this is a Fardh act) any time during the 10, 11 or 12thDhul-Hijjah until sunset of the 12th Dhul-Hijjah.
  • Follow the Procedure of Tawaf Al-Ziyarah like any other Tawaf. (In certain circumstances, where, if the Pilgrim is still in the state of Ihram, then Idhtibaa should also be done. If the pilgrim is not in the state of Ihram, then Idhtibaa is not required.
  • If Saâ??ee is not done (as discussed above in section 8thDhul-Hijjah), it should be done after Tawaf Al-Ziyarah.

Dhul-Hijjah - Day 4

  • To be spent at Mina in acts of Ibadah.
  • Pelting stones (Rami) at all three Jamarats (Satans) should be done any time after Zawal till sunset. It is also permitted after sunset.
  • Duâ??a to be made (please move to a side for duâ??a to avoid crowding) at least for a while after pelting first and second Jamarat but not after pelting third Jamarat.

Dhul-Hijjah â?? Day 5

  • To be spent at Mina in acts of Ibadah.
  • Pelting stones (Rami) at all three Jamarats (Satans) should be done any time between Zawal(mid-day) and sunset. It is sunnah to do so in this time. However, it is also permitted after sunset.
  • Duâ??a is to be made (please move to a side for duâ??a to avoid crowding) after pelting first and second Jamarat, but not after pelting third Jamarat.
  • You may proceed to Makkah Al-Mukarramah before sunset. However, it is recommended to stay on till the morning of the 13th Dhul-Hijjah, perform Rami and then proceed to Makkah.
  • Please note that if you stayed on beyond the fajr of 13 Dhul-Hijjah it is not permissible to leave without pelting for that day.

Dhul-Hijjah (Last day â?? "Youm Al-Tashreeqâ?)

  • To stay back at Mina for Rami on 13 Dhul-Hijjah is Sunnah.
  • Pelting Stones (Rami) of all three Jamarat (Satans) any time after Zawal, till sunset. The scholars have permitted pelting to commence after Ishraq (sunrise) on this day if you wish to leave early.
  • Dua to be made (by resigning to a side) â?? atleast for a while â?? after pelting first and second Jamarat but not after pelting third Jamarat. Rites of Hajj are now complete except for Tawaf Al-Wida.
  • Enroute to Makkah, stop for few moments at Mosque Ijaba if possible. It is Sunnah to remain there until Isha Salah. Upon returning to Makkah, the rest of the time should be spent profitably in the Haramain until the departure date.   
  • Return to Makkah