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What is the Reservation Amount?
You would be paying a very small amount for reserving package - 'Reservation Amount'. This amount can vary for 1% to 5% based on the value of the package.
Please note that this is not an extra charge, this is inclusive of the overall package amount. The remaining balance would be paid to the respective travel agent you are booking the package off.
How can I find a package based on my needs?
ProudUmmah has a highly intuitive and a well designed interface, please apply filters package type, price includes, city, month, category and month type. Go ahead and explore and if you need assistance, feel free to reach us.
Where will I see Travel Agents banking information?
Once you have reserved your package, you will see the banking information of the travel agent in the order details page.
Can I get additional information prior to booking?
Absolutely! Click on 'Ask Question' button located at the bottom of every package listing page. Ask any questions or queries you may have. Once you are happy with the offering, you can proceed with booking. Keeping in touch with your travel agent is quick and easy using the ProudUmmah direct messaging system.
What if I sent a message to the Travel Agent but havenâ??t heard back?
Travel Agents would usually respond to messages and reservation requests within 24 hours. If you haven't heard back, we are sorry! Please contact for help.
We will try to get in touch with the Travel Agent, or find another to provide an amazing experience for you. We take Travel Agent responsiveness very seriously.
Travel Agents who exhibit a pattern of not responding to messages will be removed from the ProudUmmah platform.

Can I call the Travel Agent before the experience?
We want you to have a good understand of the package, before you go ahead and reserve the same.
Feel free to chat with them or call them to discuss your concerns. However, we expect you to reserve the package from ProudUmmah platform and not directly with the Travel Agent.
Keep in mind that we ask you to to keep your communication within the ProudUmmah site so that we can assist you if an issue arises.
Can I change/alter my reservation?
We understand that plans may change sometimes. You may contact your Travel Agent via ProudUmmah direct messaging system at all times to change your booking, subject to time and availability. In case for changes to date or time, your Travel Agent may choose to offer an alternative time slot, or decline. Please keep in mind that some experiences may be governed by stricter cancellation policies.
How can I pay for my reservation? How does ProudUmmah process payments?
You can pay with your credit or debit card. Your payment is processed securely using industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools. We use Stripe to process transactions and no credit card or debit card information on our side.
Does ProudUmmah charge any commision?
No, ProudUmmah does not charge travelers for booking their packages.
What is ProudUmmah?
ProudUmmah is an online marketplace that connects travellers wanting to go to Hajj or Umrah with trusted travel agents, tour operators who specialize in Hajj & Umrah services. Our vision is to create a one stop solution for all the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims
What is ProudUmmah cancellation policy?
Cancellation policy is pre-determined by the Travel Agent and is mentioned in the description of every experience listing.
For Travel Agents
How and when will I get paid?
ProudUmmah will charge a very small percentage platform commission fee on the booking. Once the customers booking is complete, the customer will be able to see your banking details to pay the remaining balance directly to you. 
How do I contact my customer?
Go to My Bookings in your host dashboard. Click on DETAIL next to confirmed booking of interest. Click on MESSAGE CUSTOMER to start communicating with your guest. Complete chat history is automatically updated under Messages section in your host dashboard. Make sure to check regularly!

Additionally, on the ORDER DETAIL page you will also see the Name, Contact Number and Email Address as well. 
How do I list my package?
  • Place cursor on â??Sign upâ?? and (top right) click on Travel Agent, enter details and login to Travel Agent dashboard. Upload a logo to represent your travel agent profile. Travelers will be communicating with you directly via ProudUmmah messaging.
  • From Travel Agent dashboard click on 'Add Package' and complete Basic Information page, must click SAVE button! Write a good Package Name for your experience listing. This will create a good first impression and encourage bookings.
  • Describe the experience via Package Brief. In Highlights; include 2-4 sentences about why travelers should book you, what it is most special or unique. In Description; write in full detail about what to expect, the more engaging content the better. We recommend including 1-2 paragraphs about the host providing the experience too. Travelers would appreciate knowing what to expect! Donâ??t forget about Inclusions, Exclusions and Requirements, donâ??t leave these sections blank as they will appear on your listing's page.. 
  • Availability. Manually input day to day dates, or choose daily / weekly if your package  runs on regular for the month.
  • Accommodations: Just select from the drop-downs and give your hotel name.
  • Photos & Videos, Upload up to 3 real-time high quality photos to show what travelers can expect to see when they book with you. Uploading photos of your team and package experience is a fantastic idea! 
  • Itinerary: The more descriptive your itinerary is the more helpful it is going to be for user to become your customer. Please try to breakdown the travel in as many days as you can and  be descriptive.
  • Please note that you can only set availability for one month at a time. Click Next to do the same for the next month.
  • Add-ons. Any extras that complement your service experience can be added here. Such as transfers, additional equipment, etc.
  • Each package should be listed separately to avoid confusion. After we approve your first listing you will be looking to create more beautiful listings, thats for sure!
  • Be Original! The more engaging and unique your package and the more awesome your photos are; the more interest, partnership opportunities and bookings it will receive from travelers alike.

How do I start receiving booking requests?
Always keep your calendar and prices up-to-date, to receive bookings from travelers. The booking will be immediately confirmed upon payment by the traveler. You will receive a notification by email and SMS once the guest confirmed the booking.
How long does it take for my listing to be approved?
Once you complete filling in all details of your packages, the ProudUmmah team will review it and be in touch within 24 hours, either with approval or editing suggestions.
How much commission do you charge?
ProudUmmah will accept a Platform Commission fee from each successful booking. The fee will automatically correspond to the price of your listing as follows.

the fee is 1.5%

For more details kindly refer to your account dashboard, under Platform Commision
What about the Cancellation Policy?
You must choose a most suitable Cancellation Policy during the package creation process. Note that ProudUmmah collects only reservation fee from travelers on your behalf, hence you will not be required to manage any cancellations or refunds personally. If a booking is cancelled, you will be notified under Cancellations section in your account dashboard. You can learn more about different cancellation policies here..
Who can qualify as a Travel Agent?
We deal only with the qualified travel agents, handpicked by our experts after multiple quality checks.
Does ProudUmmah charge anything for listing a package?
No, ProudUmmah does not charge anything for listing of your packages. It is an open market channel for you to share and promote your packages.
Can I list more than one package?
Yes, there is no limit for the number of packages listed as long as they qualify. In fact, the qualification criteria requires you to post a minimum of 3 packages.
However repeated packages with only slight difference are not allowed and if found in excess, your profile will be suspended until further notice.
How can I get in touch with ProudUmmah?
You can write to us at or give us a call at 630-656-0779
What is ProudUmmah?
ProudUmmah is the first online marketplace to help pilgrim travelers book Hajj & Umrah Packages to have a hassle free experience. Verified travel agents, travel operators and experts who are already trusted can post packages on the ProudUmmah platform.