The person with whom marriage is prohibited is a Mahram,(i.e. for a woman, her father, son, grand-children, son-in-law, father-in-law, maternal uncle, paternal uncle, foster brother12 are all mahram).

  • However, sons of paternal/maternal uncles/aunts, brother in law, artificially "made" mahram13 etc. are non-mahram and it is not permissible to journey with them. Moreover, it is important that anyone who is classified as a Mahram, but whose modesty and dignity is questionable, or if one is not at ease with him, then it is not permissible to journey with such a Mahram, no matter how closely one is related to him.
  • It is prohibited for a woman to travel for a distance of forty eight miles (approx. 78km) or more without a Mahram or her husband. This rule applies, irrespective of the mode of transport i.e. rail, road or air, and the purpose of journey, whether it is a religious or a worldly one.

Hadhrat Abdullah bin Abbas (r.a.) narrates from Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

"Never should a man (non-mahram) be secluded with a woman, and never should a woman journey but with a Mahram. Hearing this one person said"- I have written my name for Jihad and my wife has departed for Hajj. Prophet (Pbuh) said:"Go and join your wife for Hajj." (Bukhari/Muslim).


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