Ihram Hair Bandon

Enabling Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages...

Ihram Hair Bandana sheer piece of fabric is worn under the essential hijab to hold the fabric in place and keeps the hair inside the hijab.

Our Ihram Bandana provides you with comfort of a no-hassle hijab. This goes under the essential hijab. The bandana serves the purpose of comfortably keeping the hijab on ensuring it does not move out of place (showing hair).


Private Hajj Package | 18 Days & 19 Nights - $14800

Lifetime Journey Umrah Package | 8 Days and 8 Nights - $2300

First Time Hajj Package | 25 Days & 26 Nights - $9400


Ihram Hair Bandana serves an important purpose with hijab to save the hassle of tucing in hair and fixing hijab repeatedly.


Indeed Allah has made true to his Messanger the dream with truth: You will definitely enter the Sacred Mosque insha 'Allah peacefully, with your heads shaved, with your hair cut short, having no fear. So HE knew what you did not know. And HE assigned before that a victory, near at hand. (Surah Fatah, Verse 27)