Ihram Safety Pin

Enabling Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages...

A safety pin is a simple fastening device.

High Quality, Large Size, Strong Stainless Steel The above attributes of the safety pin ensure that it holds both the ends firmly.


First Time Hajj Package | 25 Days & 26 Nights - $9400

Incredible Luxury Package | 18 Days and 19 Nights - $12250

Family Special Hajj Package | 22 Days and 22 Nights - $8500


The Ihram safety pin is use to fasten the upper part of the Ihram for men to ensure it doesn’t slip away amidst the crowd and while offering salah.


Narrated Said bin Al-Harith: I asked Jabir bin 'Abdullah about praying in a single garment. He said, "I travelled with the Prophet during some of his journeys, and I came to him at night for some purpose and I found him praying. At that time, I was wearing a single garment with which I Covered my shoulders and prayed by his side. When he finished the prayer, he asked, 'O Jabir! What has brought you here?' I told him what I wanted. When I finished, he asked, 'O Jabir! What is this garment which I have seen and with which you Covered your shoulders?' I replied, 'It is a (tight) garment.' He said, 'If the garment is large enough, wrap it round the body (Covering the shoulders) and if it is tight (too short) then use it as an Izar (tie it around your waist only.)' " (Book #8, Hadith #357).