Enabling Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages...

Ihram is a state or condition opted with the intention of performing Hajj and Umrah. For men 2 pieces of Ihram cloth and for women normal clothes covering the body in such a manner that the veil does not touch the face.

ProudUmmah offers 100% high quality egyptian cotton, size of each towel - 44 x 90 inches, 2 Soft and thick towels per kit.


Newly Married Hajj Package | 19 Days & 18 Nights - $10500

Newly Married Umrah Package | 8 Days & 7 Nights - $4000

Couple Umrah Package | 11 Days & 11 Nights - $3560


The simple, white Ihram clothing is intended to make the crew look uniform and equal; it also serves to take away any class or financial difference. Everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah. Ihram also contributes to a feeling of unity that pilgrims have when they are in the city of Mecca. They are all brothers and sisters joined together to worship Allah.


O you who believe! Fulfil (your) obligations. Lawful to you (for food) are all the beasts of cattle except that which will be announced to you (herein), game (also) being unlawful when you assume Ihram for Hajj or 'Umrah (pilgrimage). Verily, Allah commands that which He wills. (Al-Maeda, Chapter #5, Verse #1) ''Abdullah bin 'Umar said: "A man got up in the mosque and said: O Allah's Apostle 'At which place you order us that we should assume the ihram?' Allah's Apostle replied, 'The residents of Medina should assure the ihram from Dhil-Hulaifa, the people of Syria from Al-Ju,hfa and the people of Najd from Qarn." Ibn 'Umar further said, "The people consider that Allah's Apostle had also said, 'The residents of Yemen should assume ihram from Yalamlam.'(Bukhari: Book #3, Hadith #135)