Jamarat Sac

Enabling Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages...

The Jamarat is the place where the ritual of hurling stones at Satan (Stoning) occurs during the performance of Hajj.

As seen in the video and image we give you a velvet Jamarat sac with a strap around to hold the sac firmly.


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In the process of hajj when you are in Mina, there is a very important ritual of stoning the Satan (Jamarat). You are expected to collect 60 – 70 pebbles in the Jamarat Sac.


There after when he (ismail) reached an age in which he could work with him, he (Ibrahim) said, O my little son, I have seen in a dream that I am slaughtering you, so consider, what is your opinion? "He said, O my dear father, do what you have been ordered to do. You will find me, insha'Allah, one of those who endure patiently. (Al Saffat, Verse# 102) Narrated 'Ubaidullah bin 'Abdullah: Ibn Abbas said, "Usama bin Zaid rode behind the Prophet from 'Arafat to Al-Muzdalifa; and then from Al-Muzdalifa to Mina, Al-Fadl rode behind him." He added, "Both of them (Usama and Al-Fadl) said, 'The Prophet was constantly reciting Talbiya till he did Rami of the jamarat-al-'Aqaba." (Bukhari, Hadith #746)