Prayer Cap

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Prayer cap is short, rounded cap worn by Muslim men. The Namaz cap still serves, amongst other things, as a form of religious uniform, to identify oneself as somebody who adheres to Islam.

100% cotton kufi prayer cap. It is light, soft and comfortable. It is of excellent quality and good in all weathers. Free size = One size fits all.


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Muslims wear the Namaz cap to emulate Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The Sahabah were never seen without their heads being covered. In order to emulate their actions, Muslims men throughout the world wear a variety of namaz caps following the Sunnah of ProphetMohammed (PBUH)


And be steadfast in Salah (prayer) and pay zakah, and bow down those who bow down. (Al Baqarah, Verse# 43) Abu Kabsha R.A. narrates that the caps of the companions of Rasulullah used to be round and spacious. (Mirqaat)