Qibla Compass

Enabling Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages...

Qibla Compass helps in figuring out the direction of Kaabah to offer namaz.

Please ensure that it rotates on its axis freely, then place it on the floor away from any metallic object and wait for the needle to settle. Kindly, refer to the manual on to how o use it.


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Economy Hajj Package | 29 Days and 30 Nights - $10800

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While you are travelling to Hajj/Umrah or any journey, there could be confusion in knowing the direciton of Qibla. It could happen in the airport, highway, and hotel and especially during the 5 days of hajj. The Qibla Compass would solve such concerns easily.


We have been seeing you turning your face to the heavens. So we will certainly assign to you a Qibla that you would like. Now, Turn your face in the direction of Sacred Mosque (Masjid Al Haram) and (O Muslims), wherever you are, turn your faces in its direction. Even those who have been given the book kn ow well that it is the truth from their Lord. And ALlah is not aware of what they do. (Al Baqarah, Verse 144) Narrated Al-Bara: We prayed along with the Prophet (PBUH) facing Jerusalem for sixteen or seventeen months. Then Allah ordered him to turn his face towards the qibla (in Mecca):-- "And from whence-so-ever you start forth (for prayers) turn your face in the direction of (the Sacred Mosque of Mecca) Al-Masjid-ul Haram.." (Bukhari, Hadith 19)