Greeting Salaam

Inside the Prophet's Burial Chamber

There are several narrations about the order of the three honorable graves. the prophet's (Pbuh), Abu Bakr(r.a.)'s and Omar(r.a.)'s (may Allah be pleased with them) graves: "The front of the Prophet's grave (Pbuh) is advanced towards the prayer direction (qibla), whereas Abu Bakr(r.a.)'s grave (r.a.) is aligned to the prophet's shoulder (Pbuh), and Omar(r.a.)'s grave is aligned to Abu Bakr's shoulder (r.a.)" It is also noteworthy to mention that next to the Prophet's and his companions' shrines lies the prophet's chambers. These chambers were the Prophet's habitat in which his wives, the mothers of Believers (r.a.) lived.

Visiting Prophet’s Grave

Enter by the door of Gabriel and recite the Masnoon Du’a while entering into the Masjid. If time permits, read two Rakats of Tahiyyatul-Masjid and two Rakats of Salat Al-Shukr in Riyadhul-Jannah (green carpeted area). There are four directions in which the Prophet (Pbuh)’s holy tomb may be approached but for this occasion, the front side (Muwajaha-Shareef) should be faced. In this way you would be standing face to face with him.

Method of Greeting Salaam

Commence reciting Salaam upon him. Recite the salaam in a moderate voice. Do not shout your Salaam, nor speak loudly. Understand that you are conversing with him and that he hears you and replies to you.

Say Salaam as


Also convey the salaams of those who may have requested you to send salaam upon him as

“AS-SALAAMU-ALYKA-YA-RASUL-ALLAH.....MIN.....(Mention Name of the Person)”

After having said the salaam upon him (Pbuh), request him for intercession on the Day of Qiyamah. After having greeted him take a few steps towards the right and say salaams upon Hadhrat Abu Bakr (r.a.) and then upon Hadhrat Umar (r.a.) and then stand between them and send Salaam upon them as a pair. Also convey the salaams of those who requested you to do so upon these two great men of Islam. Return once more to the holy graveside and make du’a with great zeal and fervor for yourself, family, relatives and the Ummah.

***Instructions for Women: Follow the same procedure except that the women may not be able to enter through Baab Al-Jibreel (Door of Gabriel) and they will not be able to offer Salaam from Muwajaha-Shareef but from the other three directions – the headside, feetside and from the rear of Rawdha-Mubarak . Specific times are allocated for them, mainly from 7am to 11am and 2pm to 3pm. More details may be obtained from the locals about the times.


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