Most Popular Mosques

The Tan’eem Masjid (Aisha Masjid)

This Masjid lies on the route to the Madina, about 7.5 km north to the Masjid Al-Haram. It is named as Aisha Masjid as Aisha (r.a.) is assumed to have put on the Ihram for Umrah during the Farewell Pilgrimage of Prophet Muhammad (9 AH). This is the feasible point for Pilgrims to assume the Ihram of Umrah during their stay in Makkah Al-Mukarramah (according to Hanafi Law).

Masjid of the Tree

This Masjid is located near the Masjid of Jinn. It is called so because, here, the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) beckoned a tree, which obeyed the order, presented salam and returned to its original spot.

The Masjid Jinn

This Masjid is located on the route to Al-Mualah. It is named so because it is the place where the jinns met and pledged allegiance to the Prophet (Pbuh).


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