Virtues of Madina

Cave of Hira

It is highly recommended to visit Madina Al-Munawwarah, the abode of the beloved prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), Masjid Al-Nabawi and other places of Ziyarah in this holy city.

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) said:

  • "My Shafa'at (intercession) is Wajib (obligatory) for the one who visits my grave." [Tabrani]
  • "Verily, he who made Hajj and refrained from visiting me (i.e. my grave) has rendered me an injustice."[Tabrani]
  • “Whoever visits me after my death is like the one who has visited me during my life.”[ Bayhaqi]

Ziyarah, or presenting oneself in the Sacred Court of Rasulullah at Madina Al-Munawwara is indeed amongst the greatest blessings and fortunes.

Please study the map of Masjid Al-Nabawi so as to identify the significant places therein. Settle down at your temporary place of residence in Madina. Thereafter take a bath, wear your best clothes, apply attar (non-alcoholic perfume), do miswak and prepare to present yourself in the sacred court of the greatest of all creation (Pbuh).

Visiting Masjid Al-Nabawi
Al-Suffah Bench

It is the open area at the southern part of Riyadul Al-Jannah. The companions of the Prophet's holy chamber who did not find accommodation in Madina would sit on this bench and would be the guests of the Prophet.

Riyadhul Jannah

It is a specified piece of area of the Prophet Muhammad(Pbuh)'s Masjid identified by the Green color of the carpet and the pillars inside it; it is different from other carpets and pillars in the Masjid.

Prophet (Pbuh) says:

  • "What is between my house and my pulpit is a garden (Rawdali) from the gardens (Riyadh) of Paradise." [Sahih AI-Bukhari].
The Prophet's Prayer Niche

The Muslims' prayer direction (qibla) was originally facing north towards the Holy Jerusalem. When the qibla was changed towards the Ka’ba in the south, the prophet faced Aisha(r.a.)’s column during prayers for about two months. He then shifted to another column called the Mukhallaqa.


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